What We Offer

Apsara arts’ EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY programme uses South Asian dance and related art forms in ways that are stimulating and relevant to life in the UK today. Its participatory projects encourage learning, creativity and well being for a wide range of communities, while raising awareness of the richness and diversity of South Asian culture.
Our programmes are for people of all ages, ethnic origins, backgrounds and abilities. We can offer workshops and residencies in a wide range of settings including schools, colleges, youth clubs, day centres, residential homes and hospitals.
Our projects can be tailor-made to suit the specific needs and interests of each group, led by professional and experienced artists. Performance opportunities are often constructed for participants, raising the profile of the work and generating wider interest in South Asian arts.
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STORY TELLING workshops about Indian festival like DIWALI & ONAM. We explain the significance of rituals & Hindu Gods.
FESTIVAL related ARTS like HENNA PAINTING & RANGOLI (floor arts using coloured power,
petals & pulses)
We can also tailor programme to fit in with your required theme.


BOLLYWOOD dancing is a form of dancing that is used in Indian (Hindi) films. The dance itself combines India’s many classical and folk dances, fused with elements of world dance forms.
Bollywood is all about fantasy and glamour and there really are no limits to the creativity. It is a fantastic workout. It’s upbeat, energetic and so much fun. Anyone can do Bollywood dance.

BHANGRA has its’ roots in Punjab and is a popular style for dancing at weddings and parties. These workshops are great way to keep fit, improve dance skills and are suitable for mixed group.


KATHAK is a classical dance style of northern India. Kathak derives its name from the word Katha, which means the art of story-telling. Kathak is characterised by fast spins, by finely detailed movements and by intricate footwork, which is enhanced by the sound of ankle bells. Our Kathak workshops takes a modern approach to classical Indian dance, combining storytelling with
classical Indian dance, structure and fun. Traditional ankle bells enhance rhythmic play and expressiveness. Storytelling fires your child’s imagination in this supportive and enjoyable learning environment.

DANDIA RAAS , a stick dance from Gujarat danced by men and women, using circular movements and accentuated by rhythmic beatings of the sticks. The workshop teaches the dance moves popular at the festival of ‘Navratri’. The workshop can also be designed for a performance piece.

GARBA is a very famous Gujarati dance, present at all auspicious occasion. The dancers move in circular movements clapping their hands and expressing their ecstacy in several graceful movements. The workshops teaches the popular moves practiced at the festival of ‘Navratri. The workshop can also be designed for a performance piece.

COMMUNITY CINEMA : We can programme and screen films from South East Asia; create debates and discussion around themed films like gender issues
RESIDENCY in Indian Dance, Healthy life styles & Mindfulness : We can work on a longer term projects on raising awareness of healthy life styles through dance, exercise, healthy eating & mindfulness.