Our Heritage projects focuses on recording people’s memories in their own words. We train volunteers in heritage skills, record community celebrations, provide educational workshops and work with local museums, schools and communities to increase people’s awareness of the diversity & richness of the Asian culture and their important contribution to the British Life.

Our Projects


Volunteers explored the history of saree and the stories of South Asian British women in how and why the saree plays an important part in connecting to their heritage and cultural identity.

The project culminated in a documentary style film and an exhibition at both the Bromley and Croydon Central Libraries accompanying educational workshops in 2019.
More information can be found on “https://saree-reinvented.co.uk/ 

  World War 1 & Women’s role

Volunteers explored the posters during the World War 1 (WW1) to examine how the result of the four years conflict initiated the transformation and journey of women’s life that they experience today. They examined every day life of a woman in the early 1900 and after the WW1 to chart the changes in their status and employment opportunities. They used the poster as a storyboard to look at stereo images of women in the society at the time. They shared their findings with wider audience by creating a poster Art exhibition at Croydon Library in June & July 2017.

  Surrey Street Market

Considered to be the oldest market in London, the project recorded the traders and customers’ memory of their experiences and stories. It also looked at changes and challenges it faces and how the market defines the changing diversity of the Croydon community. Celebrating this important heritage through an exhibition, documentary and workshops in Croydon Library, Brit school and Croydon Whitgift centre in March 2016.


Croydon Mela

Recording people’s story of colourful festival of the Croydon Mela from 1997-2010 and creating an exhibition, oral history, film and workshops in Thornton Heath, Norbury & Broad Green Library and Croydon Whitfit centre in May & June 2015

Every picture tells a story’ – celebrating 100 years of Bollywood

Every picture tells a story – Celebrating 100 years of Bollywood cinema’ provided a perfect opportunity to examine British Asian’s love for Bollywood through film poster exhibition at Bromley Museum & Fairfield halls, workshops in poster art & dance and recording people’s memories of watching cinema, it’s influence & cultural connection through stories, music, dance, fashion and cultural rituals. 2013/14


The most important festival of Kerala, India was celebrated through workshops, interviews resulting in an educational booklet, film and an exhibition at Honeywood museum. 2013



The popular festival of Gujarat, India was explored through oral history, research and workshops that resulted in educational booklet, film and an exhibition. 2011


Welcoming Olympics 2012

Creation of a large floor Art using traditional & recycled materials to create a poster inspired from the 1948 Olympics at Sutton Library as part of the Exhibition marking the forth coming 2012 Olympics – 2010.


Story Of London

Exploring lives of Asians who first arrived in London over the last four decades through the changes in food, fashion, cultural practices and identity. The project also won a National Community engagement award presented at the House of Common. 2009.


Reel to Real

Young British Asians examining the influence of Bollywood cinema in their idea of culture and tradition. 2008.

Heritage of Gujarat

Volunteers researched and interviewed matured Gujaratis (Indians, originally from the state of Gujarat) on how they practiced their culture when they first came to UK. A film and an educational booklet were created from their stories.
This was accompanied by “GUJARATI GHAR” (means home) exhibition exploring aspects of home in terms of stories, images, objects, floor art and a multi media show. Artists created a large Rangoli (Indian floor art) on the concept of ‘Home’ using traditional & non traditional material; creating traditional folk dances around it for the celebration at Croydon Museum in 2004