Community Projects

Apsara Arts works in various partnership projects to create festivals and events that engages people of all ages and
backgrounds to experience art.

Croydon Mela

Malti Patel of Apsara Arts initiated a community stage at the very first Croydon Mela in 1997. Since then she has continually contributed to the development of the Mela making it the most successful outdoor event in south London attracting over 20000 audiences. It gave a platform to professional and local artist to share their talents to diverse audience and increase more understanding of Asian Arts.

Mela Rung

Mela Rung Zone was partnered with Emergency Exit Arts at Croydon Mela at Waddon Park in July 2019.

It showcased multi-disciplinary contemporary & traditional storytelling techniques.

The four feature areas; the Bridge of Stories, a central growing installation made of stories from people across Croydon; the stage programmed with performers of dance, spoken word & poetry; the World of Imagination tent, home to up-close interactive performances and workshops in music, dance &  drawing.

Magic Mela Story Camp

Apsara Arts presented Magic Mela Story Camp in partnership with Emergency Exit Arts at Waddon Park.


The programme celebrated the art of storytelling from across the Asian diaspora including cross-art form performances and activities using oral traditions, puppetry, pictorial forms, dance and music in a highly decorative enclosure demarcated by specially created totems, small marquees and stages. It contained a range of activities, performances and interactions.

Dussehra Arts

Dussehra Arts in partnership with Emergency Exit Arts produced outreach work with schools & community to create traditional arts in contemporised form to reach out to the wider community. The outreach programme was followed by joining the Croydon International Mela by creating a Apsara arts Family Zone with performances, family workshops & decorating of Ravana. The Family Area was brought to close with the dancers procession & drummers around the family zone and the final animation of Ravana using pyrotechnic effects.

Community Cinema

Apsara Arts were proud to present a programme of Gujarati films at Vue cinema for senior citizens from the community. The programme was a great success in reaching isolated community groups and creating a social event for meeting up with friends. The success of the project has led a partnership with a local library and David Lean cinema Croydon to show more ethnic films for the diverse Asian community.
‘Pakeezah Experience’ event of live music & Dance with screening of the film at the David Lean cinema in January 2020 added a new way of enhancing audience experience and attracting new audience

Community Programmes

Women Empowerment

We have run various programmes targeting girls & women in keeping fit, healthy cooking, discussions & debates on issues that are important to them.

Intergenerational Activities

We have run user led sessions in intergenerational workshops in Cultural dancing, storytelling and
drama. These sessions were created to improve better communication and break down stereo
types between generations. We are looking for funding to develop projects based on
intergenerational work.