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Young People

Apsara Youth Hub

The hub is for all young people 11+. The steering committee, supported by the main Apsara Committee, is made of five young people who get involved in decision making.

We also operate Jack Petchey award scheme whereby a young person is selected by other young people for award and a choice of group activity is decided. The award has proved a great incentive for many young people to develop their skills and built confidence. It has also provided a great support network for all young people involved.

Our aim for this hub is to give encouragement to young people so that thinking for themselves is viewed as an exhilarating and rewarding place to be for the benefit of themselves and the society they are part of.

Our projects with young people

Various project ideas developed by young people, have been supported by the main Apsara Committee through various funding.
These projects were

Dance drama

  • ‘Eastside story’ a multi media dance drama exploring young people’s challenges in living in multi cultural society. Croydon Clocktower followed by a tour of India
  • ‘Lord & Ladies’ play for Exit theatre – 4 nights performance at Croydon Clocktower
  • ‘Bollywood Breakfast Dreams’ – 4 nights at Croydon Youth Theatre –

Educational Film projects

Young people’s Issue based films;

  • ‘Mirror Mirror’, ‘Who am I’, ‘It’s different for Girls’ were created by young people through debate, arts & skill training
  • ‘Masala’ the film was shown at National film theatre

Carnival Art

  • ‘Dussehra Arts’ creating a carnival procession & performances at the Croydon International MELA.
  • ‘Bollywood in the Park’ for Emergency Exit Art at the Croydon MELA
  • ‘Runga Rung’ for Emergency Exit Art at South Bank & Norbury Park
  • ‘Turn of Century’ with Mahogany Arts at Croydon Summer festival

Fashion shows

  • ‘Fashion Recycles’ Young people learned to create their own outfit for a fashion show using leftover fabrics/beads/feathers and outfits from charity shop.
  • ‘Cool London, Hot fashion’ A fashion show displaying British Asian fashion in London over the last four decades. Croydon Whitgift Centre.
  • ‘Colours of Asia’ at Croydon Mela.
  • ‘Tiffin’ a fashion show inspired by Asian food performed at World mela, Croydon Mela & London Mela.

National award for Public engagement & learning
initiated by Arts Voluntary England
Award for outstanding contribution to the culture and art
in the London borough of Sutton